Topend Plus

,Topend Plus' is a high quality plum and enriches the range of late varieties due to its long harvest period and its high suitability for storage. The large fruits are especially suited for fresh consumption, the healthy tree can be cultivated without any problems.


‚Cacaks Beste‘ x ‚Valor‘


medium strong growth, compact


at 1 and 2-year-old-shoots; mid-early, self-fertile, robust


very late - end of September to mid-October; long harvest period 


large fruit, steel blue, with bloom, elongated plum shaped


light yellow flesh, firm, juicy, can be removed easily from the stone; hangs well on tree, fit for long storage


excellent flavour, very good baking quality

Crop yield:

high and early yield, no biennial bearing

Special notes:

fruit and tree are tolerant/resistant against sharka (plum pox virus), low susceptibility to monilia and rust, no fruit rots, no cracking, very healthy leaves and wood, colors early even if not ripe - for a good flavor harvest at the right time